The Website Flow

How we start development of your website:


You may think that publication is an odd choice for making a website available for the world, but the internet is the ultimate media outlet and a website is your published product.Like any project, whether it’s a home addition, opening a store or a website, there needs to be a plan.Global Easy Web Solution leads all of their clients through organized, well supported steps to bring their ideas to a successful website solution. Each step produces a physical outcome for the clients review and approval. Our website development life cycle involves these important stages:


Determine how the website enriches the current IT system, whether HR or commerce, how the website is going improve the business, how the website will join the existing system, who the target audience is and what the function of the website will be, i.e. commerce, information, support, and communication, just to name a few.


Develop a complete outline of the business functionality of the website, including navigation, pages, and specifications – the nuts and bolts of how the website will look and work.


The prototype consists of layouts and navigation trees offering variations in color and positions. The prototype can have functionality for the client to view the website in action. The client is encouraged to provide existing documentation and graphics related to the website content. Most importantly, the client will approve a final prototype design for the website.


Without good writing, a website is just a beautiful shell. A professional writer will work with the design and the client to create a message that brings the website to life and get it noticed by the client’s target audience.

    1. CODING

Working with the prototype, the expert developers of Global Easy Web Solution will create the complete website for a beta release.

    1. TESTING

Intense testing of the website functions, including data processing time, load time and navigation are key to a successful website. Global Easy Web Solution will fix any bugs; make corrections or changes as requested by the client.


Making sure the website reaches the target audience involves intense Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Global Easy Web Solution realizes site promotion is an ongoing process, much like advertising, websites need to evaluate on a regular basis the success of promotion.


Like all cycles, website development is ongoing. Once the initial site is up, it needs to keep up to date and fresh looking. Global Easy Web Solution is committed to providing ongoing support to maintain the success of the website.